Rise of Æster

Imagine a steampunk world of adventure, an alternate history that never was…

The Film

Burning Skies: The Rise of Æster is the first film in a 4-picture franchise currently being developed by our sister company Æsterfilms. Follow us on Facebook for news and updates on our journey from script to silver screen!


In a harsh alternate past, the poisonous cloud layer known as “Æster” fills the skies and blots out sunlight over most of Earth. Out in the dark wilderness, Edger - a famed airship captain haunted by tragedy, rescues a nameless young Scavenger girl from captivity at the hands of brutal Nightmen.

Capturing a supply of desperately needed vaccine in their escape, they discover that despite official proof of its authenticity, the medicine is fake! Edger, the Scavenger and crew of the airship Forger Agememnon are tasked to uncover the source of the mysterious drug, delving into a perilous city underworld and facing off against a ruthless crime boss.