Rise of Æster

Imagine a steampunk world of adventure, an alternate history that never was…


Rise of Æster runs monthly games in Seattle, Kitsap, Portland and San Francisco. If you are interested in starting a RoÆ chapter, please contact our Director of Global Game Development, Erika Shaffer.


Seattle Parliament

Seattle is home to the flagship game for Rise of Æster. Please join us on Facebook to keep up with current and upcoming events! Seattle Parliament games are held at All Pilgrims Christian Church in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

The entrance is on 10th Avenue @ Republican. Games are typically held in the Lewis Room and a team member will be available at the entrance to let you in between 12:00pm-1:00pm.

Please be sure to double-check the specific room and location posted for each game, as we sometimes use different rooms, or might have a special location for a specific game. 

Kitsap Parliament

The Kitsap Parliament games are set in Ft. Victoria and the surrounding region and follow an unscripted, free-form roleplay format, beginning in a public house not far from the wharf district.

Home to the Simon Frasier Academy of Military Arts, Fort Victoria differs greatly from St. Louis, as it is an entirely military-run city supporting a massive military areoplex, surface port and submarine pens.  By no means are players required to play military characters, but in Ft. Victoria, civilians do live under military rues; their jobs support the military complex in some fashion. Shipping, trade and a variety of fisheries and canneries are major industies in Ft. Victoria.  The Yukon gold rush has just begun and neighboring Ft. Langley (Vancouver B.C.) serves as starting point for most gold-hunting expeditions.

Please join us on Facebook for information on our Kitsap game and community! Kitsap games are held the 4th Sunday of each month. Please be sure to check the game invite for location details. 

Fog City Æster

Fog City Æster is located in the SF Bay Area region. In addition to running a monthly game, we also attend various steampunk friendly events around the Bay Area, including local conventions like Clockwork Alchemy. Our troupe is very low-key and friendly, and we are open to novices as well as experienced players.

Please join us on Facebook for information on our Bay Area game and community! Bay Area games are held the 3rd or 4th Sunday of each month. Please be sure to check the game invite for location details. 

Republic of Portlandia

Please join us on Facebook for information on our Portland, Oregon game and community! Portland games are held monthly although the date can vary. Please be sure to check the game invite for location details.